A Framework for HOA Management

A Framework for HOA Management Author Michael M. Miskulin
ISBN-10 0988568608
Year 2012-11-01
Pages 294
Language en
Publisher Leading Order Solutions Incorporated

A Framework for HOA Management is a comprehensive look at the many issues which face current and prospective board members of a typical homeowner association. On completion, the reader will have the necessary tools and understanding to manage their HOA and the ability to confront even the most unexpected situations effectively.--

Trade Hoa Stress for Success

Trade Hoa Stress for Success Author Erik Wecks
ISBN-10 0692354166
Year 2014-12-16
Pages 142
Language en

Too often serving on your HOA board feels like a no-one-wanted-it-and-I-got-stuck-with-it kind of position, but a few simple changes can turn HOA drudgery into an enjoyable and, dare we say, rewarding experience. Trade HOA Stress for Success explores proven methods to transform your board from a crisis-driven, over-worked, and isolated group into a focused team with clear goals and direction. Learn to communicate the board's success to your members and create the kind of care-free living an HOA promises. Written by industry experts, Trade HOA Stress for Success will give every member a shortcut to years of HOA management experience without learning wisdom through costly mistakes.

Canada Financial Sector Assessment Program Crisis Management and Bank Resolution Framework Technical Note

Canada  Financial Sector Assessment Program Crisis Management and Bank Resolution Framework Technical Note Author International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
ISBN-10 9781475573190
Year 2014-03-07
Pages 65
Language en
Publisher International Monetary Fund

This report underlies Canada’s Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) in the areas of crisis management and blank resolution. The provincial deposit insurance systems (DIS) and resolution frameworks are highly heterogeneous and the FSAP’s analysis suggests that the preparedness to overcome financial stress should be enhanced. The IMF report discusses that the federal legal and institutional arrangements for resolving individual financial institutions are robust. It suggests that clear mandates should be assigned to: (1) monitor systematic risk to facilitate macroprudential oversight; and (2) carry out system wide crisis preparedness.

Service Oriented Computing

Service Oriented Computing Author Alistair Barros
ISBN-10 9783662486160
Year 2015-11-25
Pages 500
Language en
Publisher Springer

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing, ICSOC 2015, held in Goa, India, in November 2015. The 23 full, 9 short, and 5 demo track papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 132 submissions. The research track papers are organized in topical sections named: internet of services/things; data services and cloud platform management; cloud services management; service composition; business process management; cloud services; QoS and trust; service composition.

Economic Crisis Management

Economic Crisis Management Author Van Hoa Tran
ISBN-10 1843765535
Year 2002-01-01
Pages 246
Language en
Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing

Economic Crisis Management discusses contemporary and economic policy and its application to major crisis economies in Asia. The book contains a collection of studies by international experts in economics and finance with special focus on major aspects of the economic management of the Asia crisis.

Reserve Fund Essentials

Reserve Fund Essentials Author Graham D. Oliver
ISBN-10 0978198603
Year 2011-04
Pages 150
Language en

Reserve Fund Essentials (RFE) has been written to deliver a wealth of real-life practical know-how and insights. It focuses principally on the creation and maintenance of reserve plans for co-owned buildings and properties. These include condominiums and townhouses as well as developments often referred to a homeowners' associaltions, gated communities and managed properties. Membership facilites, such as golf clubs, lodge organizations and religious institutuions will also find RFE of value. RFE includes material on setting up and working with properties' operating budgets. One of the main thrusts of RFE is on the establishment of adequate balances in reserve funds and in operating budget accounts. RFE will appeal to the co-owners of units in the just-described properties. Co-owners are often quite unfamiliar with decisions that affect their funding or operating fee-contributions. Professional service providers including reserve planners, property managers, and accountants will also find the coverage in RFE useful, not only for their own edification but also to help explain these areas to their clients. RFE has been widely accepted by readers in the United Staes and in Canada as a source of solid, easy-to-understand material and useable opinions and advice.

Condos Townhomes and Home Owner Associations

Condos Townhomes and Home Owner Associations Author Patrick Hohman
ISBN-10 0982234503
Year 2010-05
Pages 264
Language en
Publisher Patrick Hohman Services LLC

User-friendly, full color publication with easy-to-understand graphs and graphics.An Association Leadership Guide. Financially, is your Association running on Empty?Are you paying attention to your biggest investment (your home)?Educational and reference information to help you persuade your fellow owners to pay enough in fees each month to:- Protect property values- Gain peace of mind- Build TRUST among co-owner neighbors- Lessen the need for large, unexpected special assessments.Inside:- Financial questions to ask before you buy- Sample Reserve Studies, the foundation for long-range financial planning- Sample checklists for preventive maintenance- Annual budgets- Photos and cost estimates for large, common infrastructure repairs- Ideas for a better future.How financially sound is your Community Association?Good news! Together you can improve your future.The five in-depth examples include:Example A: Two-or Three-Story Stacked Flat, converted from a 1960s-era apartment buildingExample B: Townhome/Patio HomeExample C: Mid-RiseExample D: High-RiseExample E: Home Owner Association of detached, single-family homesSections of book:- Why Some Community Associations ARE NOT Financially Strong- Why Some community Associations ARE Financially Strong- Ideas to Improve the Financial Soundness of Community Associations

Asia Pacific Coasts and Their Management

Asia Pacific Coasts and Their Management Author Nobuo Mimura
ISBN-10 9781402036255
Year 2008-01-14
Pages 367
Language en
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media

The Asia and Pacific region is home to the world’s largest concentration of coral reefs and mangroves. It accommodates two-thirds of the world’s human population and its economic activities have the highest growth rate in the world. This book gives an overview of the state-of-the-art understanding on the drivers, state, and responses to the coastal environmental changes in the Asia and Pacific region. It provides important perspectives on the subject for researchers.

Soil Quality and Agricultural Sustainability

Soil Quality and Agricultural Sustainability Author R. Lal
ISBN-10 1575040824
Year 1998-11-01
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher CRC Press

Soil degradation causes a shrinking of arable land resources, and the persistence of starvation and malnutrition. The depletion is compounded by the increasing populations of developing tropical nations, and the conversion of agricultural land to other uses. As a result, per capita grain harvesting and irrigated land is in steady decline all over the world. The decrease in horticultural resources and productivity has inspired Soil Quality and Agricultural Sustainability, which is based primarily on papers presented at the 1996 conference on soil degradation, sponsored by Ohio State University, the USAID and the International Agricultural Research Centers. The book addresses itself to six concerns: basic concepts and global issues, nutrient and water inputs, soil quality management in Asia, in Africa, and in the Tropical Americas, and future priorities. The Editor's goal is a new paradigm in soil quality research: a multidisciplinary approach. He proposes that an erosion management program include soil scientists, hydrologists, climatologists, sedimentologists, geographers, agronomists, agricultural engineers, land use planners, economists, anthropologists and social scientists. Lal advocates an optimistic, forward-thinking brand of soil science that concentrates on conservation and fertility. The 26 chapters explore what Lal considers to be the priorities: agricultural sustainability, soil quality, food security, quality restoration, long-term management, and the failure to adopt new technology. In sum, they paint a comprehensive portrait of the current state, and future prospects, for worldwide agronomic viability.

Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape

Living in a Dynamic Tropical Forest Landscape Author Nigel Stork
ISBN-10 1405156430
Year 2008-05-05
Pages 652
Language en
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell

This book brings together a wealth of scientific findings and ecological knowledge to survey what we have learned about the “Wet Tropics” rainforests of North Queensland, Australia. This interdisciplinary text is the first book to provide such a holistic view of any tropical forest environment, including the social and economic dimensions. The most thorough assessment of a tropical forest landscape to date Explores significant scientific breakthroughs in areas including conservation genetics, vegetation modeling, agroforestry and revegetation techniques, biodiversity assessment and modeling, impacts of climate change, and the integration of science in natural resource management Research achieved, in part, due to the Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Rainforest Ecology and Management (the Rainforest CRC) Written by a number of distinguished international experts contains chapter summaries and section commentaries

An ex post impact assessment of IFPRI s GRP22 program Water Research Allocation

An ex post impact assessment of IFPRI s GRP22 program  Water Research Allocation Author Bennett, Jeffrey W.
Year 2013-04-10
Pages 70
Language en
Publisher Intl Food Policy Res Inst

The performance of the International Food Policy Research Institute’s (IFPRI’s) research program that focuses on water resource issues is reviewed for the period 1994–2010 around the three themes that constitute the program: global modeling, river basin modeling, and institutions. The IFPRI water team has been involved in leading-edge research in a number of dimensions: it has focused on analysis at varying geographic scales; the work has been truly interdisciplinary by engaging economics with biophysical science and other social sciences; and research outputs have been innovative in advancing institutional analysis and water pricing and in policy measures addressing the complexities of water supply management. In the research tasks, IFPRI’s water team actively collaborated with a wide range of researchers from within the CGIAR network, national research institutes, and universities. Within the team, a largely stable group of leaders has been responsible for the professional development of a substantial cohort of junior staff who have moved onto successful careers elsewhere. The output of the program has been prolific and prominent in academic, policy, and development communities. The approach taken is to review selected publications from the themes; assess the quality of the journals in which papers have been published; and evaluate the performance, on average, of researchers in the program. In addition, surveys of stakeholders were carried out, and three specific projects were subjected to detailed review. The assessment demonstrated the high regard in which the program research outputs and researchers are held. The IFPRI water team has been remarkably productive throughout the 16 years considered, working on issues that are of high relevance to policy and producing work that has largely been cutting edge. However, impacts generated by individual projects were not consistently or readily identifiable. To maximize the benefits of this performance and to overcome challenges associated with securing more outcomes, this report recommends that a more coordinated approach be taken to develop the research project portfolio. This would involve better targeting of projects to policy objectives through a more systematic review of research demand forces and improved integration of research work with policy development processes. The latter in particular requires the development of a sense of research project “ownership” within the policy circles the research is designed to influence. More effort in the development of in-country research partnerships can aid this process as local researchers can act as “champions” within local policy circles. Where government agencies have a research function, their integration into the partnerships is recommended. Avoidance of completing research projects in a “policy vacuum” is critical but requires both advanced planning of each research project as well as constant adaptation of the work plan to (often rapidly) evolving policy contexts. To achieve project impacts beyond the immediacy of the specific case study context, a more targeted and coordinated publication strategy should be developed in light of changing publication technology. Project webpages within the IFPRI website, with readily downloadable reports, are useful during the implementation of each project and more formal papers should be targeted for publication in high-impact factor technical journals with parallel papers prepared for more policy-oriented journals that have high circulations.

Leadership Transformed

Leadership Transformed Author Peter Fuda
ISBN-10 9781847659651
Year 2013-08-22
Pages 238
Language en
Publisher Profile Books

Ask around in business circles, and you'll get a thousand different answers. But now, internationally-renowned leadership expert Dr Peter Fuda has created a single, coherent roadmap for greatness: after more than a decade's research and practice, Fuda shares the seven common threads that have enabled hundreds of CEOs across the world to transform themselves into effective, inspiring leaders. Leadership Transformed uses seven easy-to-remember metaphors to distil Fuda's research into a pathway for real, lasting change. The Fire metaphor, for example, will help you shift from burning platforms (fear-driven leadership) to burning ambition (purpose-driven leadership). Fuda has helped leaders on four continents achieve greatness. Previously available only to the select clients of his industry-leading consultancy, now Fuda's expert knowledge can help kick-start your own leadership transformation.

Leading Your HOA

Leading Your HOA Author Tom Maletic
ISBN-10 9781682229552
Year 2015-12-28
Pages 100
Language en
Publisher BookBaby

I wrote this book to serve as a “primer” on the basics of what you can do to: • Make your personal time on the board more satisfying • Produce value for the homeowners in your HOA • Encourage other homeowners to volunteer to make their HOA a better place to live. This is a “foundation” book. I want you, as a volunteer board member, to have a foundation of knowledge in what a homeowners association is and how it should work. I have seen too many homeowners associations in which new board members have no basic knowledge in association best practices and they get caught up in the emotions of making decisions for their neighbors. Their volunteer time turns in to a frustrating experience and the existing problems persist with the association. With a good foundation, I believe you will be able to learn more about community associations and the common issues that confront them. With this book, you will have an outline that will help you organize your thoughts, build on a solid framework and make your volunteer time valuable to you and to your neighbors.