Bluebeard Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 038533351X
Year 1998
Pages 318
Language en
Publisher Dial Press

An autobiography of Rabo Karabekian, an abstract expressionist artist, who acquired the largest collection of abstract expressionist paintings in private hands.

Deadeye Dick

Deadeye Dick Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 0307567362
Year 2009-10-07
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Dial Press

Deadeye Dick is Kurt Vonnegut’s funny, chillingly satirical look at the death of innocence. Amid a true Vonnegutian host of horrors—a double murder, a fatal dose of radioactivity, a decapitation, an annihilation of a city by a neutron bomb—Rudy Waltz, aka Deadeye Dick, takes us along on a zany search for absolution and happiness. Here is a tale of crime and punishment that makes us rethink what we believe . . . and who we say we are. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Timequake Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 9781446498026
Year 2011-08-31
Pages 240
Language en
Publisher Random House

According to science-fiction writer Kilgore Trout, a global timequake will occur in New York City on 13th February 2001. It is the moment when the universe suffers a crisis of conscience. Should it expand or make a great big bang? It decides to wind the clock back a decade to 1991, making everyone in the world endure ten years of deja-vu and a total loss of free will - not to mention the torture of reliving every nanosecond of one of the tawdiest and most hollow decades. With his trademark wicked wit, Vonnegut addresses memory, suicide, the Great Depression, the loss of American eloquence, and the obsolescent thrill of reading books.

The God of Spring

The God of Spring Author Arabella Edge
ISBN-10 1416539115
Year 2007-03-06
Pages 352
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A tale inspired by the life of Romantic painter Theodore Gericault traces the creation of one of his sensational works, "Raft of the Medusa," a process during which he makes the two survivors of an infamous French frigate his muses.

Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonnegut Author Thomas F. Marvin
ISBN-10 031331439X
Year 2002
Pages 167
Language en
Publisher Greenwood Publishing Group

Offers an examination of the works of the American science fiction writer.

The Big Trip Up Yonder 2 B R O 2 B

The Big Trip Up Yonder 2 B R O 2 B Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 1480172448
Year 2012-10-01
Pages 28
Language en
Publisher Createspace Independent Pub

Kurt Vonnegut jr is one of the all time great American writers. Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, F Scott Fitzgerald, and John Steinbeck are in his league, but few others. A writer with the finesse for prose like Vonnegut is a rare occurrence. His work like the aforementioned authors will be read, loved, and studied for generations to come. John Shepperd

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti Author Milton Rokeach
ISBN-10 9781590173985
Year 2011-04-19
Pages 368
Language en
Publisher New York Review of Books

On July 1, 1959, at Ypsilanti State Hospital in Michigan, the social psychologist Milton Rokeach brought together three paranoid schizophrenics: Clyde Benson, an elderly farmer and alcoholic; Joseph Cassel, a failed writer who was institutionalized after increasingly violent behavior toward his family; and Leon Gabor, a college dropout and veteran of World War II. The men had one thing in common: each believed himself to be Jesus Christ. Their extraordinary meeting and the two years they spent in one another’s company serves as the basis for an investigation into the nature of human identity, belief, and delusion that is poignant, amusing, and at times disturbing. Displaying the sympathy and subtlety of a gifted novelist, Rokeach draws us into the lives of three troubled and profoundly different men who find themselves “confronted with the ultimate contradiction conceivable for human beings: more than one person claiming the same identity.”

God Bless You Mr Rosewater

God Bless You  Mr  Rosewater Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 9780307422972
Year 2007-12-18
Pages 288
Language en
Publisher Dial Press

Eliot Rosewater—drunk, volunteer fireman, and President of the fabulously rich Rosewater Foundation—is about to attempt a noble experiment with human nature . . . with a little help from writer Kilgore Trout. God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater is Kurt Vonnegut’s funniest satire, an etched-in-acid portrayal of the greed, hypocrisy, and follies of the flesh we are all heir to. From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Man Without a Country

A Man Without a Country Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 1583227903
Year 2011-01-04
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Seven Stories Press

A Man Without a Country is Kurt Vonnegut’s hilariously funny and razor-sharp look at life ("If I die—God forbid—I would like to go to heaven to ask somebody in charge up there, ‘Hey, what was the good news and what was the bad news?"), art ("To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."), politics ("I asked former Yankees pitcher Jim Bouton what he thought of our great victory over Iraq and he said, ‘Mohammed Ali versus Mr. Rogers.’"), and the condition of the soul of America today ("What has happened to us?"). Based on short essays and speeches composed over the last five years and plentifully illustrated with artwork by the author throughout, A Man Without a Country gives us Vonnegut both speaking out with indignation and writing tenderly to his fellow Americans, sometimes joking, at other times hopeless, always searching.

Fiction writer s market

Fiction writer s market Author Laurie Henry
ISBN-10 0898793106
Year 1988-03-01
Pages 624
Language en
Publisher Writers Digest Books

Identifies the necessary skills for writing in each genre, offers the advice of accomplished authors, and tells how to submit an effective book proposal

The Trial of Henry Kissinger

The Trial of Henry Kissinger Author Christopher Hitchens
ISBN-10 9780857898364
Year 2012-04-01
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Atlantic Books Ltd

Christopher Hitchens goes straight for the jugular in The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Under his fearsome gaze, the former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor is accused of being a war criminal whose reckless actions and heinous disregard for international law have led to torture, kidnapping, and murder. This book is a polemical masterpiece by a man who, for forty years, was the Angloshpere's preeminent man of letters. In The Trial of Henry Kissinger, Hitchens' verve, style and firebrand wit are on show at the height of their potency.

Look At the Birdie

Look At the Birdie Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 9781407074887
Year 2010-09-16
Pages 272
Language en
Publisher Random House

Look at the Birdie evokes a world in which squabbling couples, high school geniuses, misfit office workers, and small-town Lotharios struggle to adapt to changing technology, moral ambiguity, and unprecedented affluence. In "Confido," a family learns the downside of confiding their deepest secrets into a magical invention. In "Ed Luby's Key Club," a man finds himself in a Kafkaesque world of trouble after he runs afoul of the shady underworld boss who calls the shots in an upstate New York town. In "Look at the Birdie," a quack psychiatrist turned "murder counsellor" concocts a novel new outlet for his paranoid patients. The stories are cautionary they also brim with his trademark humour. Wry, ironic, satirical and poignant Look at the Birdie reflects the anxieties of the postwar era in which they were written and provides an insight into the development of Vonnegut's early style

God Bless You Dr Kevorkian

God Bless You  Dr  Kevorkian Author Kurt Vonnegut
ISBN-10 1583220208
Year 1999
Pages 79
Language en
Publisher Seven Stories Press

The author of Slaughterhouse Five and Jailbird jumps back and forth from the afterlife to interview Sir Isaac Newton, Clarence Darrow, William Shakespeare, and his own character, Kilgore Trout, in this humorous look at death.

Forever Pursuing Genesis

Forever Pursuing Genesis Author Leonard Mustazza
ISBN-10 0838751768
Year 1990
Pages 223
Language en
Publisher Bucknell University Press

The title of this book, Forever Pursuing Genesis, derives from a statement that Vonnegut once made about the nature of the universe and humankind's place in it. This study applies that statement to the narrative themes that Vonnegut has treated in his career.

How Far Can We Go Pain Excess and the Obscene

How Far Can We Go  Pain  Excess and the Obscene Author Maddalena Mazzocut-Mis
ISBN-10 9781443836838
Year 2012-01-17
Pages 190
Language en
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing

The public does not desire horror, yet enjoys it in art and suffers it in life. When we deal with the monstrous marriage of the abject and the sublime, the consequent thrill of enjoyment is never appeased, always problematic, often unresolved and finally borders on physiological if not pathological narcissism. The public is well acquainted with this ‘rhetoric of effects’; rhetoric of extreme effects, which transforms the spectator into voyeur or victim, into an apathetic torturer, whenever cruelty is shown without respite. A look of horror greets the enjoyment of extremes and enjoyment to the extreme as well; the Eighteenth Century teaches us that lesson. The century of good taste elaborates a sense of the limits, since representing horror means choosing not so much to domesticate it as to render it more enjoyable. It is a game of limits that are not limits anymore, as we can allude to an infinity that often shows the features of the sublime.