How to Analyze the Music of Bob Dylan

How to Analyze the Music of Bob Dylan Author Teresa Ryan Manzella
ISBN-10 9781617876394
Year 2011-08-01
Pages 112
Language en
Publisher ABDO

This title explores the creative works of famous musician Bob Dylan. Music analyzed includes Bob Dylan's protest songs ("The Times They Are A-Changin'," "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall," and "Blowin' In The Wind"), Bob Dylan's personal songs ("It Ain't Me, Babe" and "Positively 4th Street"), Blood on the Tracks, and "Hurricane" and "Joey" from Desire. Clear, comprehensive text gives background biographical information of Dylan. "You Critique It" feature invites readers to analyze other creative works on their own. A table of contents, timeline, list of works, resources, source notes, glossary, and an index are also included. Essential Critiques is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Author Jeremy Roberts
ISBN-10 0822513684
Year 2005-01-01
Pages 128
Language en
Publisher Twenty-First Century Books

Examines the life and career of Bob Dylan, including his childhood in Minnesota, early performances in Greenwich Village, commercial success, and awards.


Tarantel Author Bob Dylan
ISBN-10 9783455001174
Year 2016-12-10
Pages 384
Language de
Publisher Hoffmann und Campe

Die Jahre 1965/66 markieren den ersten kreativen Höhepunkt in Bob Dylans Schaffen: Er schrieb einige seiner bekanntesten Songs wie »Mr. Tambourine Man«, »Like a Rolling Stone«, »Desolation Row«, »She Belongs to Me«, »Love Minus Zero«, »No Limit« und »Ballad of a Thin Man«. In dieser Zeit entstand auch »Tarantel«, eine Mischung aus experimentellem Roman und Prosagedicht. Als »Surrealismus auf Speed« und »fabelhafter Reise durch unser Zeitalter« wurde »Tarantel« nach seiner Veröffentlichung bezeichnet, »ein Narrenfest, lebendig und voller Tiefsinn«, »so melodisch wie wild.« »Das Buch hat weder Anfang noch Ende«, sagte Bob Dylan selbst über seine erste Buchveröffentlichung. Heinrich Detering ordnet Dylans schriftstellerisches Debüt, das zweisprachig auf Deutsch und Englisch erscheint, in seinem Vorwort in den Kontext seiner Entstehungsgeschichte und seines Werks ein.


Chronicles Author Bob Dylan
ISBN-10 9780857209580
Year 2011-07-07
Pages 304
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Winner of the NOBEL PRIZE in Literature 2016 This is the first spellbinding volume of the three-volume memoir of one of the greatest musical legends of all time. In CHRONICLES Volume I, Bob Dylan takes us back to the early 1960s when he arrived in New York to launch his phenomenal career. This is Dylan's story in his own words - a personal view of his motivations, frustrations and remarkable creativity. Publication of CHRONICLES Volume I is a publishing and cultural event of the highest magnitude.

Bob Dylan als Symbolfigur in den sechziger Jahren

Bob Dylan als Symbolfigur in den sechziger Jahren Author David Lang
ISBN-10 9783656110767
Year 2012-01-26
Pages 23
Language de
Publisher GRIN Verlag

Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich Musikwissenschaft, Note: 1,7, Popakademie Baden-Württemberg GmbH, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: In der Musik wird jedes Jahrzehnt durch Bands, Musikstile und Trends geprägt. Es gelingt nur wenigen darüber hinaus Bedeutung zu erreichen, besonders wenn es nicht nur um Musik, sondern auch um gesellschaftliche Themen geht. Und einem ist dies mit Sicherheit gelungen: Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan gilt bis heute als einer der einflussreichsten Musiker des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts. Der amerikanische Folk- und Rockmusiker beeinflusste mit seinen musikalischen Beiträgen nicht nur zahlreiche Zuhörer, sondern auch das kulturelle und politische Bewusstsein verschiedener Generationen. Zudem kann man ihn unter anderem als Pionier der musikalischen Entwicklung ab den sechziger Jahren verstehen, der durch seine grenzüberschreitenden Ausflüge in verschiedene musikalische Genres immer wieder in unbekannte musikalische Gebiete vordrang.

Bob Dylan In America

Bob Dylan In America Author Sean Wilentz
ISBN-10 9781407074115
Year 2011-02-15
Pages 400
Language en
Publisher Random House

A brilliantly written and groundbreaking book about Dylan's music – now the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016 – and its musical, political and cultural roots in early 20th-century America Growing up in Greenwich Village in the 1960s Sean Wilentz discovered the music of Bob Dylan as a young teenager. Almost half a century later, now a distinguished professor of American history, he revisits Dylan's work with the critical skills of a scholar and the passion of a fan. Drawing partly on his work as the current historian-in-residence on Dylan's official website, Sean Wilentz provides a unique blend of biography, memoir and analysis in a book which, much like its subject, shifts gears and changes shape as the occasion demands.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan Author Kathleen Beal
ISBN-10 0871913992
Year 1974
Pages 31
Language en
Publisher Creative Company

A brief biography of one of the most influential composers and singers of popular music during the 1960's.


Planetenwellen Author Bob Dylan
ISBN-10 9783455001198
Year 2017-04-11
Pages 240
Language de
Publisher Hoffmann und Campe

In seinen frühen Jahren verstand Bob Dylan sich sowohl als Songwriter als auch als Lyriker. Seinen Schallplatten gab er komplette Gedichtzyklen und lyrische Prosa bei, Langgedichte erschienen in Zeitschriften der Folk- und der Beat-Szene, das Poem "Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie" rezitierte er im Konzert. Die Lyrik war seine Ideenwerkstatt, sie gab ihm die Möglichkeit zu Selbstkommentaren gegenüber Freund und Feind, sie verband die Poesie seiner Songs mit den literarischen Traditionen Rimbauds, Brechts, der Beat Poets. Dieser Band bietet zum ersten Mal eine zweisprachige Auswahl aus Dylans Gedichten und Prosagedichten von den Anfängen bis 1974, ergänzt um einige programmatische Texte aus den letzten Jahren. Herausgegeben, übersetzt und mit einem Nachwort von Dylan-Kenner Heinrich Detering.


Tarantula Author Bob Dylan
ISBN-10 1439107661
Year 2008-06-23
Pages 160
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE Music legend Bob Dylan's only work of fiction—a combination of stream of consciousness prose, lyrics, and poetry that gives fans insight into one of the most influential singer-songwriters of our time. Written in 1966, Tarantula is a collection of poems and prose that evokes the turbulence of the times in which it was written, and gives a unique insight into Dylan's creative evolution. It captures Bob Dylan's preoccupations at a crucial juncture in his artistic development, showcasing the imagination of a folk poet laureate who was able to combine the humanity and compassion of his country roots with the playful surrealism of modern art. Angry, funny, and strange, the poems and prose in this collection reflect the concerns found in Dylan's most seminal music: a sense of protest, a verbal playfulness and spontaneity, and a belief in the artistic legitimacy of chronicling everyday life and eccentricity on the street.

Interview mit Bob Dylan

Interview mit Bob Dylan Author Jonathan Lethem
ISBN-10 9783608108897
Year 2016-11-19
Pages 19
Language de
Publisher Tropen

September 2006. Bob Dylan hatte gerade das Kapitel »Modern Times« aufgeschlagen. Schriftsteller Jonathan Lethem bekam die Möglichkeit, den Mann hinter dem Trugbild kennenzulernen. Die vier Aufzüge zeichnen ein authentisches Bild des Künstlers und Nobelpreisträgers. Er räumt mit Vorstellungen auf, erklärt, warum er auf Konzerten lieber mit Musik eine Verbindung zum Publikum herstellt. Und erzählt, warum ihn die Kritik seiner »Chronicles« zu Tränen rührt, die Kritik an seiner Musik aber kalt lässt. Besonders sein gespaltenes Verhältnis zu Aufnahmen seiner Songs spürt man in dem Gespräch, denn die wahren Fans trifft er nach eigener Aussage abends bei seinen Konzerten.

On the Road with Bob Dylan

On the Road with Bob Dylan Author Larry Sloman
ISBN-10 9780307539144
Year 2010-06-09
Pages 480
Language en
Publisher Crown Archetype

“The War and Peace of Rock and Roll.” —Bob Dylan In 1975, as Bob Dylan emerged from eight years of seclusion, he dreamed of putting together a traveling music show that would trek across the country like a psychedelic carnival. The dream became reality, and On the Road with Bob Dylan is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at what happened when Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue took to the streets of America. With the intimate detail of a diary, Larry “Ratso” Sloman’s mesmerizing description of the legendary tour both transports us to a celebrated period in rock history and provides us with a vivid snapshot of Dylan during this extraordinary time. This reissue of the 1978 classic resonates more than ever as it chronicles one of the most glittering rock circuses ever assembled, with a cast that includes Joan Baez, Robbie Robertson, Joni Mitchell, Allen Ginsberg, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, and a wild entourage of groupies, misfits, sinners, and saints who trailed along for the ride. Sloman candidly captures the all-night revelry and musical prowess—from the backstage antics to impromptu jams—that made the tour a nearly mystical experience. Complete with vintage photos and a new introduction by renowned Texas musician, mystery writer, and Revue member Kinky Friedman, this is an unparalleled treat for Dylan fans old and new. Without question, On the Road with Bob Dylan is a remarkable, revealing piece of writing and a rare up-close and personal view of Dylan on tour. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bob Dylan and Philosophy

Bob Dylan and Philosophy Author Carl J. Porter
ISBN-10 9780812697605
Year 2011-05-24
Pages 225
Language en
Publisher Open Court

The legions of Bob Dylan fans know that Dylan is not just a great composer, writer, and performer, but a great thinker as well. In Bob Dylan and Philosophy, eighteen philosophers analyze Dylan’s ethical positions, political commitments, views on gender and sexuality, and his complicated and controversial attitudes toward religion. All phases of Dylan’s output are covered, from his early acoustic folk ballads and anthem-like protest songs to his controversial switch to electric guitar to his sometimes puzzling, often profound music of the 1970s and beyond. The book examines different aspects of Dylan’s creative thought through a philosophical lens, including personal identity, negative and positive freedom, enlightenment and postmodernism in his social criticism, and the morality of bootlegging. An engaging introduction to deep philosophical truths, the book provides Dylan fans with an opportunity to learn about philosophy while impressing fans of philosophy with the deeper implications of his intellectual achievements.

Tangled Up in the Bible

Tangled Up in the Bible Author Michael J. Gilmour
ISBN-10 9780826416025
Year 2004-02-01
Pages 146
Language en
Publisher A&C Black

Gilmour suggests the various ways in which Dylan uses scripture both in an explicit and an implicit manner.

Performing artist

Performing artist Author Paul Williams
ISBN-10 0887330894
Year 1990
Pages 310
Language en

Rock & roll historian & Dylan critic Paul Williams (the founder of CRAWDADDY!, the first American rock music magazine) examines & explores Dylan's accomplishment on stage & in the studio. All of Dylan's recorded performances are evaluated. Discography, filmography, bibliography, extensive index, photographs, 320 pages. "A gem of a book."-Sam Shephard. "Paul Williams's PERFORMING ARTIST historicises Dylan's genius of American tongue."-Allen Ginsberg. "It's about time someone took a look at Dylan the performer."-Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead. "Paul Williams is the best writer around today whose subject is rock & roll."-ROLLING STONE. "Williams is the pioneer of modern rock journalism."-Twilight Zone. "Alert, thoughtful, & ever-questioning, Williams is one of the architects of serious rock criticism."-LIBRARY JOURNAL. "A major talent."-PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. '"This wonderful book makes you want to dig out every Dylan tape you have & listen to them as you read."-Backstreets. "PERFORMING ARTIST should be the only Dylan book that matters."-SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. "Endlessly rewarding"-Ben Fong-Torres. "Anything Paul Williams writes about Bob Dylan is worth reading. PERFORMING ARTIST immediately enters the canon as one of the few necessary books on Bob Dylan."-Jonathan Cott, ROLLING STONE.

Forever Young

Forever Young Author Bob Dylan
ISBN-10 9781442468160
Year 2012-05-22
Pages 40
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

Since it first appeared on the 1974 album Planet Waves, “Forever Young” has been one of Bob Dylan’s most beloved songs. Now award-winning artist Paul Rogers gives us a new interpretation of the lyrics. With images inspired by classic Dylan songs and pieces of his life, this is a bold and touching tribute, with audio, to an anthem whose message will always stay forever young.