Jesus as Guru

Jesus as Guru Author Jan Peter Schouten
ISBN-10 9789042024434
Year 2008-01
Pages 314
Language en
Publisher Rodopi

People in India form images of Jesus Christ that link up with their own culture. Hindus have given Jesus a place among the teachers and gods of their own religion, seeing in his life something of the wisdom and mysticism that is so central to Hinduism. Christians in India also make use of the concepts provided by Hinduism when they wish to express the meaning of Christ.Thus, in any case, Jesus is—for Hindus and Christians—a guru, a teacher of wisdom who speaks with divine authority. But for many Hindu philosophers and Christian theologians there is much more that can be said about him within the Indian framework. He can be described as anavatara, a divine descent, or linked to the Brahman, the all-encompassing Reality. This study looks at both Hindu and Christian views of Christ, starting with that of the Hindu reformer Rammohan Roy at the beginning of the nineteenth century, as well as those of the first Christian theologians of India. The views of Mahatma Gandhi and the monks of the Ramakrishna Mission are discussed, and those of influential Christian schools such as the Ashram movement anddalit theology.Five intermezzos indicate how artists in India portray Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Is the Guru A Wayward Christian s Spiritual Walk

When Jesus Is the Guru  A Wayward Christian s Spiritual Walk Author Carla Mancari
ISBN-10 9781604943573
Year 2010-03-01
Pages 254
Language en
Publisher Wheatmark, Inc.

A spiritual walk, while wondrous, tantalizing, and mystical, can also be grueling and traumatic. It tests us beyond our limits, and we do not organize its itinerary For Carla Mancari, walking through walls and traveling miles in states of heightened awareness were easy feats. But when her quest required her to plumb the depths of total despair, only the grace of God allowed her to go on. In "When Jesus Is the Guru," Carla shares the pitfalls she encountered along her journey, as well as the mystical experiences, realizations, and triumphs. Travel with her as she learns to relate to Jesus's personal humanity. As you do, you may find yourself reconnecting with your own Christian roots, where Holy Scripture becomes the living word it is purported to be. About the Author Teacher and spiritual guide Carla Mancari had her first transcendent experience in 1973 while visiting a shrine in Lourdes. She immediately resigned from her position as a counseling psychologist and began her spiritual quest. Carla traveled all over the world, studying with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu masters. Carla's spiritual truth-seeking ultimately brought her into an ongoing, intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She has taught Christ-Centered Spiritual Principles and silent prayer for over thirty-five years. Carla is the author of "Walking on the Grass: A White Woman in a Black World." She co-authored "The Lessons: How to Understand Spiritual Principles, Spiritual Activities, and Rising Emotions; Concordance;" and "Best-Kept Secret."

Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru

Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru Author Sonya Jones
ISBN-10 0991501012
Year 2014-08-01
Pages 190
Language en

In Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru, Sw. Shraddhananda positions Jesus alongside other Jagadgurus (the highest kind of Guru, a world class teacher) who are capable of leading spiritual seekers to the "peace which passeth understanding," a state of consciousness known in the Indian religions as Santosha, or contentment. Shaktipat is a Guru's awakening of the Holy Spirit or Maha Kundalini Shakti by look, touch, or will. Upon contemplation, Jesus Was a Shaktipat Guru takes seekers into a deeper encounter with the sacred energy which leads to enlightenment. This book promises to re-ignite your spiritual experience by exploring the way Jesus grounds the Holy Spirit in the heart of Christianity -- and in the center of the world's religions.

Jesus The Ultimate Management Guru

Jesus  The Ultimate Management Guru Author Amitabh Singh and Bethany Talbert
ISBN-10 9781490842912
Year 2014-12-31
Pages 138
Language en
Publisher WestBow Press

Born into a businessman's home in Calcutta, India, Amitabh Singh became increasingly interested in the art of management. When introduced to Jesus at a young age, Amitabh found that the teachings of Christ fused his love for business and people. We invite you to join Jesus, the world's ultimate management guru, as he teaches not only how to best lead in the workplace, but also how to prevail in the vast marketplace of life. "Winsome in its message and rich in illustration, Jesus: The Ultimate Management Guru encourages you to consider your own treasure and mission in life. I am grateful for Amitabh Singh's insights and know the reader will appreciate his work as well." --Ravi Zacharias, Author and Speaker

The Tantric Jesus

The Tantric Jesus Author Robert H. Stucky
ISBN-10 154466219X
Year 2017-03-30
Pages 262
Language en

The Tantric Jesus is a fascinating examination of a living master of flesh and blood, a guru, guide, and exemplary role model- and of the impact that example has on those who aspire to emulate it. It explores the universal spiritual practices Jesus espoused and encouraged others to practice. Through the lens of the various accounts of Jesus' life and teachings, from both East and West, it touches on the challenges of reconciling our inner and outer realities, embracing our sexuality as integral to our spirituality, and discovering and embracing the divinity that lies within each and every one of us. Here, through his humanity and the practices he embodied, we see Jesus as a portrait of divinity- but it is a self-portrait of the imago dei, reflecting not only all spiritual masters, but in fact, the true nature of every human being. The credibility of this analysis is greatly enhanced by the author's own experience of having studied under a Hindu guru for many years, and having served for sixteen years as an Episcopal priest dedicated to putting the teachings of both traditions into practice. It has inspired one best-selling author, Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, to comment, "While organized religion in our post-Christian era is in notable decline, Jesus' popularity is not. Robert Stucky helps us understand why. He probes Jesus to discover the universal truth. He takes Jesus out of orthodox boxes and lets him live in new places. He elevates Jesus to a dialogue, first with the Gnostic Christians of Antiquity, and then with Eastern thinkers, both ancient and modern. The Jesus I find in the pages of this book is fresh, provocative, powerful, and welcoming. It may well be that Stucky has discovered a path to a believing future."

The Non Western Jesus

The Non Western Jesus Author M. E. Brinkman
ISBN-10 9781317490432
Year 2014-12-18
Pages 376
Language en
Publisher Routledge

The centre of gravity of contemporary Christianity has shifted to the southern hemisphere where, with the exception of Latin America, almost all Christians are minorities in their home countries. Christians in Asia live amongst Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanist or Taoist majorities and this context shapes the local Christian theology. The same is true in Africa where traditional religions and beliefs influence African Christians. Central to this change in both Africa and Asia is the creation of a new Jesus, one who accretes local beliefs and concerns and who, in that process, is transformed. 'The Non-Western Jesus' reveals how a new theology - with its own images and concepts - is coming into being. A wide range of embodiments of Jesus is examined: Jesus as 'Avatara' and 'Guru' in the Indian context; as 'Bodhisattva' in the Buddhist context; and Jesus within Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, African and Indonesian religious contexts.

Was Jesus a New Age Guru

Was Jesus a New Age Guru Author Kim Michaels
ISBN-10 9949518369
Year 2014-01-01
Pages 230
Language en
Publisher More to Life Publishing

This book shows with disarming honesty how the dominant Christian churches have created an image of "salvation" that is in complete opposition to what Jesus actually taught. Jesus taught an inner, mystical path whereby you attain a higher state of consciousness. It is this state of consciousness that is the true "kingdom of God." The author argues that the loss of this path of initiation is the reason so many spiritual people are leaving Christianity behind. It is also a major cause behind the increase in mental health problems. Modern people cannot find a deeper purpose for life in Christianity or in materialism. This book will show you how to look beyond official Christian doctrines and discover the mystical path taught by Jesus to his disciples. You will learn: -How to see a direct connection between Jesus and yourself How to start following the mystical path taught by Jesus -How and why the true path was lost in human power struggles -How the spiritual path can help you rise above the human consciousness and find a deeper meaning to life -How the inner path of Jesus can help you find answers to your deepest questions How the true teachings of Jesus can help you meet your psycho-spiritual needs in this challenging age -How to heal psychological wounds and make peace with Jesus

Tantric Jesus

Tantric Jesus Author James Hughes Reho
ISBN-10 9781620555620
Year 2017-01-13
Pages 392
Language en
Publisher Simon and Schuster

A guide to the history and modern practice of transformative Christianity • Reveals the original tantric wisdom of Jesus and the early Church and its resonance with the tantric yogas of India and Tibet • Explains how tantric Christianity views the human body as the primary “temple” of the Holy and erotic energy as the signature of indwelling Divine Presence • Provides step-by-step instructions for a series of Christian tantric practices, including a partnered sexual practice, mantra and energy work, eye gazing, and work with icons Unbeknownst to many, the original Christian spirituality as practiced in the early church and by Jesus himself was a tantric spirituality. In the West, Tantra often evokes images of arcane rituals or acrobatic sexual positions, while in reality Tantra is a holistic transformative path of life, love, and being--grounded in practice. Offering a new understanding of Jesus as guru and master of left-handed Tantra, James Reho, an Episcopal priest and tantric initiate, reframes the Christian story and restores to modern Christianity the tantric wisdom practices that were edited out of church tradition and forgotten over the centuries. He explains how tantric Christianity views the human body as the primary “temple” of the Holy, with erotic energy as the signature of Divine Presence within. Rev. Reho reveals the similarities of the earliest Christian practices to the tantric yogas of India and Tibet and explores the role of Kundalini and the chakras. He details how to work with mantras, icons, and pranayama breathing exercises, as well as with gazing as a spiritual practice. Informed by the insights of ancient texts and early masters of Christian spirituality, the author provides step-by-step instructions on how to practice Christian tantric sex with a life-partner of the opposite or same sex. Rev. Reho reveals how these heart-opening practices are rooted in eros, the life of deep desire, expressive of God’s grace within us, and are still alive in monastic practices in the Christian East. Integrating his personal spiritual experiences, years of study of ancient Christian mysticism, and an expertise in yoga and tantra, the author shows how we can re-engage the original truths of the early church to affirm the body as a holy vehicle and to utilize the energy of the erotic to achieve ecstatic union with the Divine.

The Gospel of John and the Religious Quest

The Gospel of John and the Religious Quest Author Johannes Nissen
ISBN-10 9781620324660
Year 2013-09-24
Pages 218
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

"The Gospel of John and the Religious Quest argues that at its origin the Fourth Gospel was part of a dialogue with various religious traditions, and that to this day it is being used in active dialogue with those who live in traditions other than the Christian. In the first part of the book, Johannes Nissen analyzes a number of texts selected both for their central importance to John's theology and for their special relevance in today's religious quests and encounters. These texts focus on John's images of Life--water, bread, light, way, and tree--but also treat concepts that are crucial to the Fourth Gospel--Word, Truth, and Love. In the second part, Nissen focuses on significant issues for current readers of the Gospel: the relation between incarnation and inculturation; models for dialogue with other religions; images of Christ; truth and love as criteria for dialogue; and the experience of faith in the light of the Fourth Gospel. "

Who Is This Jesus Christ

Who Is This Jesus Christ Author John S. Benjamin
ISBN-10 9781449770761
Year 2012-10
Pages 120
Language en
Publisher WestBow Press

The whole world is groaning under the pain infl icted by atrocities such as diseases, poverty, misery, wars, murders, famines, climatic catastrophes, moral decay, and the list goes on. All these have always taken place in the past, but the intensity and frequency with which these are unfolding, we find no parallel. What are the causes behind these problems and is there any hope and a way out for man? Though man has made astronomical advances in science and technology, does he have answers and solutions to these problems? What does the future hold for mankind? Is this world coming to an end? For centuries, man has been grappling and seeking answers to these questions. This book deals with these questions. The name "Jesus "has been the subject of much controversy. In His time, He was the subject of constant scrutiny and under the watchful eyes of the religious and government leaders, who tried very hard and failed miserably to find any opportunity where they could find fault in Him, His teachings and actions, and prove Him wrong in any way whatsoever. In our time, He is venerated, revered, and worshipped by some, while others swear and use His name in vain. Some consider Him a prophet, a teacher, a guru, one of the gods, etc., whereas others consider Him the Son of God, Messiah, King, and more. He has impacted the world in a positive way. "Who Is This Jesus Christ? "reveals why Jesus Christ came to this Earth and for what purpose and what He had to say about all of these events!

Revelations of Christ

Revelations of Christ Author Paramhansa Yogananda
ISBN-10 1565892402
Year 2010
Pages 395
Language en
Publisher Crystal Clarity Pubs

This galvanizing book, presenting the teachings of Christ from the experience and perspective of Paramhansa Yogananda, one of the greatest spiritual masters of the twentieth century, finally offers the fresh perspective on Christ's teachings for which the world has been waiting. This book presents us with an opportunity to understand and apply the Scriptures in a more reliable way than any other: by studying under those saints who have communed directly, in deep ecstasy, with Christ and God.

The Galilean Jewishness of Jesus

The Galilean Jewishness of Jesus Author Bernard J. Lee
ISBN-10 0809130211
Year 1988-01
Pages 158
Language en
Publisher Paulist Press

A theology of how Christianity and Judaism can be separate but linked by their roots in Scripture; presents a thorough study of Jesus as teacher, seen from a Jewish perspective.

Dismissing Jesus

Dismissing Jesus Author Douglas M. Jones
ISBN-10 9781621896692
Year 2013-05-07
Pages 300
Language en
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers

What is the way of the cross? Why does it create resistance? How do we answer objections to it? The revival of interest in Christ's kingdom and radical discipleship has produced a wave of discussions, but sometimes those discussions are scattered. This book aims to pull together in one place the core claims of the way of the cross. It aims to examine the deeply cherished assumptions that hinder us from hearing Jesus's call. When we do that, we'll see that the gospel of Christ is not primarily about getting into heaven or about living a comfortable, individually pious, middle-class life. It is about being free from the ancient, pervasive, and delightful oppression of Mammon in order to create a very different community, the church, an alternative city-kingdom here and now on earth by means of living and celebrating the way of the cross--the reign of joyful weakness, renunciation, self-denial, sharing, foolishness, community, and love overcoming evil.

Comparison of Guru Najak with Jesus Christ

Comparison of Guru Najak with Jesus Christ Author Singh Thakur
ISBN-10 111319202X
Year 2009-07
Pages 28
Language en
Publisher BiblioBazaar, LLC

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